Automated Trading

Bots don't need sleep.

Crypto trading is 24/7. So is your bot. Give yourself an edge, and while everyone else sleeps, you’ll never miss a beat.

Social Trading
Trade like a pro.
Without being one.

You don’t need to be a pro to trade like one. Level up your game - and your results - by copying pro traders on our marketplace. Subscribe to trading signals, which tell your bot when to buy or sell. Use strategies from professionals to scan the markets, and download pre-configured bot templates.

Analyze automatically
Find your ideal trading opportunity. Automatically, 24/7.

Don’t let the fear of a market shift keep you up at night. With our A.I., your bot can automatically recognize trends and switch to a better strategy, so you can rest easy. Create or download strategies and let your Hopper watch the markets for you, and buy or sell based on your parameters.

Available anytime. Anywhere.

Hosted in the cloud, Cryptohopper is available 24/7. Protect and monitor your assets, even while you’re logged out. Access your Hopper from any device, including the web, phone, tablet, and even your smartwatch.

Copy Bots